Immersive virtual exhibitions: Where art and web meet.

Once more the Portuguese proverb “a necessidade aguça o engenho”, which in broader terms, translates to “necessity is the mother of invention”, stands the test of time. The COVID pandemic, and its subsequent lockdowns forced the modern world to change its modus operandi.

Marta Guimarães Ferreira
Mar 29 2022 • 2 min reading

5 “classic” web design mistakes

The success of a website is linked to several factors, but the one who draws our attention the most is its design. The main webdesign’s challenge is to always be at the service of usability, it is very important for a website to be intuitive, fast and easy to use, as this is the key to the success of any interface that increases user engagement and permanence rate on the site.

Rita Russo
Mar 22 2022 • 2 min reading

Why is differentiated content so important today?

Over the past few decades, the entertainment industry has been divided into segments. We had big movie companies, big music and video game brands. And each segment was unique, not only because of the way their products were consumed, but also because of the great technological limitations of the time.

João Amador
Mar 15 2022 • 2 min reading

Do you have Customer Experience (CX) as a business strategy?

It is worth betting on it.

Maria Cunha
Mar 8 2022 • 2 min reading

What is UX Design?

It is the process that improves user satisfaction by means of usability, accessibility and pleasure provided by the interaction between the user and the product.

Pedro Completo
Mar 2 2022 • 2 min reading

5 signs that your website is well done!

Having a good online presence goes much further than simply having a website.

Madalena Moreira Rato
Feb 22 2022 • 2 min reading

Personas and their role in web design

“Personas are the single most powerful design tool that we use. They are the foundation for all subsequent goal-directed design. Personas allow us to see the scope and nature of the design problem… [They] are the bright light under which we do surgery.”

Alan Cooper

Marta Guimarães Ferreira
Feb 15 2022 • 3 min reading

Is the Portuguese market prepared for a new concept of web design?

Web design is constantly evolving, but in recent years we have witnessed an exponential growth that allows creatives let their imagination run wild. It is now possible to execute ideas and animations that technology didn´t allow before.

Maria Cabral de Sousa
Feb 8 2022 • 2 min reading

When should I renew my website?

The world of the internet is constantly changing and transforming. Sometimes it seems difficult to keep up to the technological advances and leaps that in a matter of months can change everything overnight.

Pedro Completo
Feb 1 2022 • 2 min reading

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