Between Creativity and Excel: Does Project Management Require Creativity, or is it reserved for Web Designers?

As a project manager at a web design and development company, I am surrounded by a group of people with extraordinary artistic talents, whose mission is to create and produce beauty daily. These people, to whom we affectionately call "our creatives," are integral to our company's identity.

Maria Reis da Cunha
Jun 18 2024 • 3 min reading

Emotion-driven design: Creating emotional connections with users

In an increasingly digital world, user experience (UX) design has transcended mere functionality to tap into the emotional realms of users.

Pedro Completo
Jun 11 2024 • 4 min reading

Balancing Client Expectations with Project Management tools

When we start developing a new website, expectations are naturally ambitious. On both sides: the client, and ours, as a web design and development team. There is nothing more motivating and challenging than redesigning the old website into a more modern and up-to-date one.

Tânia Frade
Jun 4 2024 • 3 min reading

The Interview Diaries: 10 Questions with Madalena

This time, we decided to try something different. Amidst drinks, a stunning dinner worthy of a constellation of Michelin stars, and a breathtaking view over the River Tagus, our Madalena, although initially reluctant, agreed to let us interview her for the Softway blog.

Marta Guimarães Ferreira
May 28 2024 • 3 min reading

The importance of a good briefing in your digital strategy

The website is your company's vital digital asset. A good briefing for website development can significantly increase engagement and the conversion of visitors into customers.

Madalena Moreira Rato
May 21 2024 • 3 min reading

Riding the new wave: Web development trends in 2024

As the digital world continues to evolve at a rapid pace, keeping abreast of the latest web development trends is crucial for developers, companies and technology enthusiasts in order to meet the market's ever-increasing demands in terms of digital strategy with websites and applications with improved performance, security, accessibility and conversion.

João Amador
May 14 2024 • 2 min reading

The Labor and Laughter

Tomorrow is the day to celebrate Labor Day and we also take the opportunity to celebrate the day of laughter because in reality we cannot dissociate the two.

Pedro Completo
Apr 30 2024 • 2 min reading

The Interview Diaries: 10 Questions with João

We're back with another edition of our Interview Diaries. This time, we introduce João Amador (translates to «Amateur»), but don't let his name fool you; if there's one thing he's not lacking, it's experience in the web world.

Afonso Luís
Apr 23 2024 • 4 min reading

The importance of good feedback: how can I give feedback to a web designer?

Clear and constructive feedback is essential to the success of any web design project. As a client, your input shapes the direction and outcome of your website and effective communication with the team or web designer ensures that your vision is translated into an engaging and functional digital experience, as well as achieving the results you want.

Rita Russo
Apr 16 2024 • 2 min reading

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