Softway at Laracon EU 2023

Last week Softway's development team attended Laracon EU 2023, an annual conference for developers and web professionals using the PHP Framework: Laravel. This conference was held in several cities around the world, this year it took place in Lisbon and brought with it names like Taylor Otwell, Jeffrey Way, Freek Van der Herten, among others, and allowed our team to interact with them and listen to them live.

João Amador
Jan 31 2023 • 2 min reading

The importance of a well structured site

The structure of a website is fundamental, since it is this that will determine how long a user will stay on your site. A good structure makes access to content and information quick and effective - and in addition, makes a site properly optimized for search engines (SEO).

Rita Russo
Jan 24 2023 • 2 min reading

5 things you can do to improve social media reach

Social media reach is an important metric for businesses and organizations of all sizes. It’s the measure of how many people have seen your content, and it’s an important indicator of how effective your social media campaigns are. In this blog post, we’ll look at why social media reach is important, how you can increase it, and some tips to help maximize your reach. 

Pedro Completo
Jan 17 2023 • 2 min reading

White space in web design: Is there more to it than a mere aesthetic preference?

The Collins Dictionary defines white space as "the portions of a printed page that lack text, illustrations, etc. and are therefore blank". This definition refers to a printed page, however, the concept also applies seamlessly to a webpage.

Marta Guimarães Ferreira
Jan 10 2023 • 4 min reading

New year, new website?

We've arrived in 2023! The beginning of a new year is an ideal time to re-evaluate your website and plan modifications that will optimize your business results.

Sarah Leão
Jan 3 2023 • 2 min reading

The 4 most common mistakes in producing content for a website

The process of creating content for your site is a very important one, and with it comes the pressure to publish it regularly.

Rita Russo
Dec 20 2022 • 3 min reading

Digital Marketing with "The Golden Circle" at the center

Portuguese companies invest millions in digital marketing strategies to make their products and services reachable to their target. The result of this promotion can be exponential if authenticity and purpose are at the heart of the strategy. That's what attracts and engages.

Maria Cabral de Sousa
Dec 13 2022 • 2 min reading

Electronic Greeting Card Day

Today we celebrate the International Electronic Card Day.

Pedro Completo
Nov 29 2022 • 2 min reading

Tips to prepare your website for Black Friday

Black Friday is approaching and with it comes a great opportunity for companies to increase their revenues. A good campaign for this time is based on a well-structured marketing strategy activated in multi-channels, with a predominance of digital. In this context, your website contributes a lot to a successful Black Friday by attracting new leads and converting them into business.

Rita Russo
Nov 22 2022 • 3 min reading

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