Shaping the future: The influence of women in graphic design and technology

Last week we celebrated International Women's Day and we want to take this opportunity to highlight two exceptional women who, through their ingenuity and vision, have made a decisive contribution to shaping the landscape of graphic design and technology.

Rita Russo
Mar 12 2024 • 2 min reading

2024 we are ready!

Last week we had our annual event: wrap-up 2023 and sharing vision for 2024. It's always good when we come together to analyze the path we've taken so far and align the future.

Maria Cabral de Sousa
Mar 5 2024 • 2 min reading

Charles Darwin and the Psychology of Colour in Website Design: the Influence of Colour on Human Behaviour

Ever since school, we've been aware that Charles Darwin was one of the greatest scientists in history, having revolutionised the field of biology with his theory of evolution. But do you know how Darwin is related to websites design? Could his theory be closely linked to colour psychology in modern websites design?

Maria Reis da Cunha
Feb 20 2024 • 2 min reading

Web Design Trends in 2024

In a constantly evolving digital world, website design trends are always changing, and if in some ways they are ephemeral, they also become permanent foundations. In this dynamic scenario, trends are not just whims, but valuable clues that reveal the trajectory for the future. When exploring web design trends for 2024, it is crucial to look for how form and function intertwine and which trends are most likely to last.

Pedro Completo
Feb 13 2024 • 3 min reading

The Interview Diaries: 10 questions with Vasco

We like to showcase another side of our team and demonstrate how each person's personality contributes to the fun dynamics we have every day. So today, we return to our The Interview Diaries, this time featuring Vasco.

Afonso Luís
Feb 6 2024 • 2 min reading

Websites or Social Media: Where to Invest in Your Brand's Digital Strategy?

That online presence is a relevant factor for the success of any brand is indisputable. The question that sparks heated discussions in strategy, communication, and marketing teams is: "Where to invest more: in the website or in social media?"

Each approach has its advantages and disadvantages, and understanding the peculiarities of different channels is essential to balance investment with an effective digital strategy.

Maria Reis da Cunha
Jan 30 2024 • 5 min reading

40 years after the launch of the Apple Macintosh, we remember some of the powerful lessons of visionary Steve Jobs

In this article, we will delve into the life and achievements of Steve Jobs, with a focus on key lessons that entrepreneurs and individuals can learn from his remarkable journey, the creator of the iconic Apple Macintosh, a milestone in the history of technology, which will be 40 years since its launch tomorrow, January 24th.

João Amador
Jan 23 2024 • 2 min reading

The Interview Diaries: 10 Questions with Rafa

Welcome to the behind-the-scenes of Softway! Softway is made up of people, and therefore, we thought it fitting to introduce you to another side of our team.

Maria Reis da Cunha
Jan 16 2024 • 4 min reading

Wrap-up Softway Team Events 2023

With the arrival of a new year, it's time to look back on the good times we had as a team throughout 2023.

Rita Russo
Jan 9 2024 • 2 min reading

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