What does your digital footprint say about your company?

The digital footprint of a company is everything that is online about it, from the official website, to its social networks, all the information published by the brand itself and by other that refer to it: directories, press, employees, competitors, customer reviews ... hashtags … people´s comments.

Maria Cabral de Sousa
Jun 15 2020 • 2 min reading
What does your digital footprint say about your company?

This online “trail” is as valid for people as it is for brands. It allows the world to follow the "profile" of a company, its people, the frequency of its communication and how you do it,  the "emptiness" a brand leaves when "has nothing to say" about a topic that deserved attention or the topic from six months ago highlighted as most recent, being so old. People make decisions based on this digital footprint on a daily basis, every day.

Nowadays, it is impossible for a company not to have a digital footprint, what we challenge you to think about is whether that digital footprint is being created actively by you ... or passively, without you being aware, by others that comment positively or poorly  about your brand, a lot or a little.

For greater awareness of your digital footprint search periodically by name, relevant keywords, your coworkers, the most important topics of the moment, in which you are interested in appearing, and the “hot shock” topics, which you would prefer not to be associated with.

It is important to act actively! Don't leave your brand at the mercy of "others".

8 months ago, we decided to launch Softway´s blog with the commitment to actively share with our followers, customers and friends, what we know about the world of websites, social networks, SEO, digital… web. This is what drives us ... our passion. With a weekly post every Monday, we have a more active and recurring role in the support we give to brands in building their digital footprint.

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Thanks to all who read us! We will continue to share knowledge, believing that we are contributing to help improve your online positioning and your company's digital footprint!

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