Be or seem to be, that is the question?

In the days we live in it is no longer enough to be, it is necessary to “seem to be” ... showing the world what you are!

Maria Cabral de Sousa
Feb 10 2020 • 2 min reading
Be or seem to be, that is the question?

In a digital world, the first impression that people have of your company is online. It takes just a few seconds for the visitor who enters your website to form a first impression about your company. It is essential that it is good!

I still believe that “To Be” is more important:
be effective in the service you provide
be aware of your customers’ needs
be fast responding to your customers
be creative in the solutions
be pleasant in the way you deal with everyone
be dynamic and stay updated
… be, be, be!

But those who believe that it is enough "just” to be are wrong! In this mobile navigable world, there are many decisions made based on the first impression online - your website! … should I contact? Try a meeting? phone? buy? … this is where it all gets started.

Building trust begins more and more online, analyzing in detail the way your business communicates, the photos and videos you use, the simplicity and effectiveness of the texts you present, the care that invested in the way you show your business to the world. And it is monitored daily online as well, in the news and knowledge you publish, in the time invested sharing that knowledge you’re your customers and with the market.

If your company is different, innovative in responding to the customer, solid in knowledge, personalized in attention, and so much more, all of this must be shown in the way you position your business online. You must be as well as you seem to be!

On the web, it's good to be different enough to be relevant and relevant enough to be effective!

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