Covid-19 invites you to urgently rethink the Digital Ecosystem of your business and the entire Consumer Journey

We already lived in an era that everything that happened, passed through the internet. But we went to stores and physical offices. Nowadays, and for an indeterminate time, we can only be online. And we believe that, in the future, our mindset will be mostly online, regardless of each generation.

Maria Cunha
Apr 6 2020 • 4 min reading
Covid-19 invites you to urgently rethink the Digital Ecosystem of your business and the entire Consumer Journey

We live in times that what is required of us has a tremendous impact on people, on society, in the way we relate with each other, and on all the businesses. Everything is being questioned. What is done, how it is done and how we will live the future after this pandemic.

In this context, a correct implementation of the digital marketing strategy is the strongest and most compelling weapon to continue to give visibility to your brand, your business. We need to optimize it.

It is urgent at this stage to fully re-evaluate the processes, the relationship with the market, with the new business targets that, meanwhile, are emerging, day after day. And it is in this reality of new opportunities that companies that know how to better implement their digital strategy will have greater success in transforming their organizations, brands and services, with a positive impact on their business models.

It is in this reality that the Consumer Journey comes into strength, which is nothing more than learning to know the different actions that a user has until deciding for a certain product or service. And it is no longer in a physical location that a customer seeks information, or makes final decisions ... it is online, on your company's website, on your social networks, even through your current customers, and on your communication online channels.

Step by Step

Below I list the main and most important steps of the Consumer Journey that you should know and keep in mind:

  1. Awareness > learning and discovery. The “first symptoms” that precede a need. In this phase, the user is impacted on the search engines; on social networks and online ads; newsletters, offline media;
  2. Consideration > identification of needs / problems. Once the real need is recognized, the consumer begins to look for information to reach the solution. It is in this step that we discover trends, ask friends for suggestions, look for more detailed information, read reviews, watch videos, read blogs ... it reaches you;
  3. Selection > consideration of solutions to solve the needs. The user is already in your digital tools, ensures that you have the product or service he needs and makes the selection;
  4. Decision > purchase of the solution. The user finally confirms the purchase on one of your platforms because the solution fits the expectations and needs.

Knowing this process helps you to prepare a better approach to your target audience. Thus, when impacting the user with your product or service, you should strategically prepare your website and digital tools in the most efficient and effective way possible considering this journey, being this a critical step towards reaching the success of your business.

Main advantages of defining and mapping, at least, these 4 Consumer Journey steps previously presented:

  1. Identifying the time of sale and what stage each user is in allows you to define what is the right time to approach him and present your company's product or service;
  2. Increase the productivity of the right “sale” timing making it easier to direct efforts to the key moment of closing the deal;
  3. Create the most targeted and relevant content, and in this way guide the consumer to the most interesting offers, increasing the probability of resorting to your business. Otherwise, you may be producing content that has no impact on your target;
  4. Increase the relationship and proximity to your customer because it shows that you know them and understand their needs, since it offers you the best solutions.

Thus, you can leverage the results of your business and retain current and new customers, as you won them early in your journey, effectively.

Tip: At this time of extreme need to use digital as a critical tool in retaining customers and consumers, optimize the different touch points with your target audience by building and solidifying the Digital Ecosystem of your business.

And talk to us, as we are entirely available to help you in this process!

PS: I leave the missing steps from this Consumer Journey - (5) After Sales Service and (6) Digital Advocacy - for a next article.

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