Webdesign Trends for 2020

This year the websites will follow the progress of technology and focus more and more on user experience. Websites will continue to emerge from the perfect symbiosis between aesthetics and usability, but always with the same concern - mobile first.

Inês Victorino
Jan 27 2020 • 2 min reading
Webdesign Trends for 2020

I summarize below what I believe are the 6 major graphic trends for the year 2020, to be considered on your company's website.

Less is more! If in just 2 seconds each user makes the decision to continue browsing the site it is essential to quickly grab their attention, and for that the site must be concise and have a strong message. Simple and clean. Every day, ever more simple sites, with less information manage to transmit the necessary message accompanied by a clean design with few images and small amount of text.

The function above aesthetics. This style, which is growing progressively, comes to oppose the minimalist graphic trend, being characterized by exaggerated titles and large statements in the pages. Giant elements, vivid and contrasting colors over images - all these components are becoming more fashionable to grab users' attention in mere seconds.

White space ...
It will always be a principle of design. This style keeps sections without too many elements to guide the user's attention. Pages are designed with few elements in order to highlight crucial ones. We will see to a greater extent white spaces generating the frame and creating the perfect base for the visual elements to shine.

Mobile first!
As seen in recent years, we spend increasingly more time on our mobile devices, browsing and making decisions in our smartphones. Consequently, websites will continue to need to adapt all the information to other screen sizes and ratios, facilitating the navigation and interaction of users.

Video is here to stay. It's a growing trend to find pages full of videos answering the demand of the target audience that doesn't have time or patience to read a lot of text. The videos reinforce the message by transforming it into a complete visual experience. Check this related article  >

Shapes and micro animations can have a significant impact on the user’s experience. Today, more than ever, we need to capture the attention of our users, therefore, animating backgrounds, titles and images becomes essential. Motion design and graphic animation are powerful ways to make a website stand out.

At the beginning of this new decade, web-designers seek to innovate by designing and creating websites that respond to the challenges of companies with an increasing focus on user experience. Between opposites, like minimalism and brutalism, we find ways to convey the purpose and message of each business. So, I can say that web design in 2020 will be full of surprises.

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