Video content on websites: yes or no?

Videos are increasingly relevant content in today's digital context.

Maria Cunha
Nov 20 • 2 min reading
Video content on websites: yes or no?

According to the exponential growth in the use of this format in the past years, video content is gaining a very strong importance and relevance. The numbers also speak for itself… According to a study by Responsive Inbound Marketing, 83% of marketers believe video is the “king content”.

In the B2B segment, or “D2B” – Direct to Business – as we are beginning to listen, 59% of decision makers choose to watch a video than read a text. Regarding this reality, video content really makes all the difference in how it can communicate with users on websites more efficiently, as videos enable clearer and closer messages to be delivered through attractive images and animations that hold on the attention of those who come across this communication format.

By using videos, websites are even increasing engagement levels and the users sessions duration because it is longer and more effective, allowing sites to increase relevance and rankings in search engines. However it's a format that needs, like the other ones, to have a good title and a short description because Google, for example, doesn't read content within the video.

Finally, it should also be noted that we are dealing with a much more shareable content type when compared to a long and boring text that we don’t want to read, not even share… and we all know the power that sharing has in the current context of any business segment.

In summary, I give you 3 main advantages to consider when considering developing video content, particularly regarding websites:

  1. Users pay more attention to video content as it increases the attention and internalization of messages. Therefore, videos allow you to increase conversion and engagement levels, and consequently the duration session, giving them more relevance and optimizing their SEO in an organic way;

  2. They is much more shareable content and it allows to increase the sharing levels and consequently bring new organic views, not only to the videos, but also to the websites;

  3. As technology advance, video development is available to everyone and a wide variety of formats can be chosen at different levels of investment, depending on the marketing and communication possibilities and strategies of each business.

And yes… I am already preparing one of my next articles for Blog in a video format :)

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