Pros and cons of the so-called Single-Page Website

When you think about having an online presence or renewing your digital strategy, you should consider which solution is best for your business. Often a question immediately arises: “Should you choose a multi-page website or single-page website?"

Madalena Moreira Rato
Apr 5 2022 • 3 min reading
Pros and cons of the so-called Single-Page Website

Both possibilities have advantages and disadvantages, to ensure you’re making the right choice, it is important that you know exactly what you want to convey, the content you’ll be needing, how you want to impact visitors and, finally,  the goal our goals you want to achieve with your website.

In this regard, and to help you in this decision, we wrote below what we believe are the main pros and cons of choosing to have a simpler single-page website landing page:

Advantages of the single-page Site:

  • simple is best- the ultimate goal of any business with an online presence is to invite the user to learn about their brand, products, services, etc.... With a single-page website, your message will be received loud and clear. The user will immediately be made aware of the most important thing you want him to know.
  • better mobile experience - because it is simpler and less detailed, a strong and well designed single-page website may represent a more effective choice. This is an important factor to take into consideration, since we’re living in a "mobile first" era.
  •  higher conversion regarding a specific action - for example, if what you want is to present a specific product or service and get contact emails, then the single-page site, with a targeted campaign to reach visitors, may be the most suitable.
  • smaller investment required- because it is a single-page website, the time and effort involved in creating and developing it is lower, hence it is less expensive.

Disadvantages of the One Page Site:

  • having only one link directed to your business- a single-page website, as the name implies, means that it has only one page, that is, only one link indexed in google. This is a problem in terms of optimizing your organic page ranking in search results. Also,  if SEO is a concern the one page site will not help. Read more here >
  • being too simplistic - failing to give the visitor all the important information in an organized and clear manner. A single-page site may not be enough for what you want to share.
  • have fewer relevant keywords throughout the texts - which would help you a lot in organic (unpaid) SEO positioning. You can always resort to paid campaigns, but even in this case, you would have to invest a bit more in google adwords, for example, to get results equivalent to what you could get organically (unpaid) with a multi-page site.
  • just a business card - with less capacity for scale and hierarchy of information. To keep it simple, you'll have to forgo some information that might be important.

If your main goal is to communicate with the visitor in a very targeted and clear way, favoring graphic impact, whilst having a small budget: the single-page website can be a great solution, which will help you to have a simple online presence, oriented to a specific goal. However, if you are a major brand that requires a more robust positioning strategy, the multi-page is probably the best choice!

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