Digital first: SEO is one of the most impactful tools

It is one of the most important "weapons" in this constant challenge of implementing strategies to make your business more digital.

Maria Cunha
Oct 18 2021 • 2 min reading
Digital first: SEO is one of the most impactful tools

When we talk about SEO, we're talking about optimizing your website and increasing relevance in search engines and should, therefore, be an increasingly important strategic objective since it is based on detecting the keywords that can lead to more organic visits (unpaid) and, therefore, to more business opportunities in this digital universe.

I leave you with 5 advantages that help you understand the need and added value of optimizing the SEO of your site, regardless of the type and size of your business:

  1. Increase visits: whether a small or large company, believe me all businesses are able to achieve the much desired first search results on Google, and without much effort;
  2. Attract more traffic: when SEO is optimized, the content of each page gains more and more relevance and organic (unpaid) traffic increases. Thus, you can make your site more relevant and your digital marketing strategy more effective. In the case of online sales, it becomes even more crucial;
  3. Credibility: it is reinforced when your site appears in the first positions of organic results, because it is certainly more credible than if it appears in paid results;
  4. Qualifying visits: by attracting more visits, SEO also allows you to qualify traffic and improve conversion rates, since when a site provides answers to what is searched for, interaction with the content increases and the site is valued by search engine algorithms;
  5. Increase your return: if you manage to leverage this tool, the probability of increasing your ROI margin in the medium and long term is higher. Why? Because optimized pages will continue to be always relevant in search engines (without any monetary investment), all you must do is update and maintain them, and in a natural way the results continue to appear.

Being in digital is indeed a world of opportunities, but you have to know and value the tools that help you make everything easier and more effective, such as SEO. More and more customers of all and any business are online, and your business must be where they are, to give answers to what they are looking for with maximum visibility, and thus also take advantage of the opportunities that digital gives you to analyze and react quickly, in real time, to market trends.

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