7 things that can improve your website's SEO Ranking

Appearing on the first page of google search is one of the most important things for a business. The first 5 search results are considered the most relevant, with organic clicks on results further down and on the following pages becoming less and less expressive. What can you do to improve your website's SEO ranking and aim for the podium?

Pedro Completo
Jul 13 2021 • 3 min reading
7 things that can improve your website's SEO Ranking

1. SSL certificate
Privacy and security are a major concern for consumers when surfing the internet. So, if you want to increase trust in your website, get an SSL security certificate. It's simple to get and in addition HTTPS is one of Google's SEO ranking factors.

2. Optimize pagespeed for mobile
Mobile loading speed became a factor in Google's SEO ranking in 2018. It was to be expected, as most people who surf the internet use a mobile device. Therefore, it became essential to have a fast and optimized website.

3. Optimize the images
Although this point can be addressed in the pagespeed issue, we can add some more relevant points for image optimization. Images should always have alt (description) text for easy indexing. If you manage to describe the image correctly, you will be taking another step towards climbing the rankings.

4. Create relevant content
Good content doesn't just have to be well-written and error-free, it needs to answer your audience's questions. If this happens, visitors will spend more time on your website to assimilate the information, which will help to strengthen your ranking. Here are some tips on how to create relevant digital content.

5. Structure the content
The structure of your content matters too. First of all you must ensure that all pages are readable for the user. Having titles and text that is short, but says a lot, makes a page less intimidating and more readable. You must also take into account how google will read your page and it is important to use the tags and information hierarchy, according to best practices, so that they are well indexed.

6. Only use trusted external links
When someone places a referral link to your website on a particular topic it will help you gain authority on that topic and vice versa. If you use an external link to a website that links misinformation or is not trustworthy, it can damage your ranking. That's why it's important that you use external links only when necessary and to trustworthy websites.

7. Create business page on google
Anyone can create a business page on google and this has clear benefits. Your location will now appear identified on google maps and that can bring customers close to your location. Even not making it appear directly on the first pages of search it can make you gain relevance in your surroundings.

These are just a few suggestions of what you can do to improve your website's SEO ranking. There are no miracle recipes, but complying with good practices and updating your content are important steps to gain more authority, credibility and relevance.

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