How to create relevant digital content?

We all dream of having an article or video go viral, but not everyone can be the "Cristiano Ronaldo" of the internet. We can, however, use a strategy that allows us to create value and relevance in our content.

Pedro Completo
May 25 2021 • 2 min reading
How to create relevant digital content?

Who is the content for?
Try to understand immediately who your audience is.
If you adapt your content to those who follow it regularly, it can gain relevance not only by sharing knowledge but also by organic sharing (word of mouth).

Understand what the audience is looking for
Contributing to solving an audience problem is the best starting point for making your content relevant.
Try the reverse exercise. What question is your audience going to ask and how can you help resolve that issue.

Always talk about content relevant to your company / brand
It is important not to lose focus on your goal.
You should always direct the content to your business to become relevant in a certain area.

Pay attention to the shape
It is only natural that in a world of digital saturation other people have already addressed the same topic and it's difficult to add value.
For this reason it's also very important to be careful in the visual graphic way in which you present your content.
A well-maintained presentation gains more relevance.

Be transparent
Be sure to be transparent in what you want to convey with your content.
Whether to inspire, educate or convince, be clear about your objective.

Be a beacon
It is important to produce content that allows your audience to be valued.
If you can help those who read it to solve specific problems, you are creating a relationship that will allow you to grow.

Let go of your ego and try to find a compromise between the information you have authority and what is relevant to your audience.
This way you will always get more relevant content.

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