Make sure your website is fast and optimized on the web

What is the main factor that determines the success of online businesses? Optimizing the performance of your website, after all a poor performance in the speed and fluidity of your business on the web can mean bad results in your online business. While your visitors wait for the slow loading of web pages, they search for other alternatives, impatience is a digital virtue!

João Amador
Jun 1 2021 • 2 min reading
Make sure your website is fast and optimized on the web

The speed of loading a page increases the involvement and retention of visitors and increases the increase in your sales, the greater the response of your website, the greater your ability to convert, on the other hand for every 1 second in the delay of loading, decreases customer satisfaction by 16%, page views by 11% and conversion rates by 7%, according to an Aberdeen Group survey.

But what exactly is page speed?

The term page speed is essentially the period of time when web pages are downloaded from the servers to the respective browser (your computer, your phone or tablet), there are three main aspects necessary to understand the page speed in the context of the experiment of the user and site performance:

  • The time spent delivering the requested material along with the accompanying HTML content to the browser.
  • The browser's response to page load requests.
  • The visualization of the end users according to the requested web page is rendered in the browser - this is the definitive empirical measure of the page loading speed.

The performance of the site subsequently impacts rankings on search engines, incorporating key factors, including page speed, user experience, responsiveness of the site and a number of other performance metrics.

In fact, most people are not willing to wait! 1 in 4 visitors abandons your website if it takes more than 4 seconds to load, 46% of users do not visit websites with poor performance again, and you still need to capture attention in just 5 seconds for each user that they think about leaving.

Performance impacts sales

The performance of the website has a great impact on the user experience. The power of the page speed, translates into a fluid and effective online shopping experience, promotes an increase in sales and, ultimately, determines the success of the online business.

Although the quality of the service and the product always has a very significant impact on the business, converting website visitors into buying customers in the online world depends a lot on developing a positive customer impression. And this is where the site's performance parameters, like fast page speed and quick checkout processes, come into play, giving customers a positive psychological impression, encouraging sales and customer loyalty.

So always pay attention to the optimization and speed of your website, they are in fact very important for your business.

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