Website: Hire a Web Agency or do everything in-house?

Hiring a digital agency to build your website or online store should not be seen as an expense, but as an investment that enables your business to grow and increases profitability.

Maria Cabral de Sousa
Mar 17 2021 • 3 min reading
Website: Hire a Web Agency or do everything in-house?

It is true that nowadays, there are countless “do-it-yourself” platforms where you can create your website or e-commerce on your own. It is possible to build a nice website based on pre-defined templates, "feed it with content" and have a digital presence.

The doubts begin when, after the effort and time spent trying to enter this unfamiliar world, the site does not appear on Google search results, does not serve the conversion purposes you  idealized and falls short of the expectation you had when you began the process of “doing everything internally”.

A web agency has a team of specialists, attentive to the trends and evolution of the web world, who think about your brand with you. Digital consultants, web designers and web developers will define with you the best web positioning for your brand, support you in your digital strategy and optimize your website or online store to serve the purpose of your business: increasing the attraction, conversion and engagement of web visitors and, ultimately, maximize the return on your investment.

Driven by innovation and technology and focused on making our customers' lives easier in a crazy digital world, we share 4 steps that we have as mandatory in the creation of a new web project:

  1. Define the Brands digital strategy- analyze “who you are”, “what distinguishes you”, define goals for online presence; benchmark the sector and analyze the competition - what do they do well and badly - generate joint ideas and define KPIs.

  2. Build the Digital Hub - define the navigation structure of your website or online store, create unique and impactful design that respects the best practices of UI/ UX - user interface and user experience, define the call to action buttons that will allow you to convert, collect subscriptions, contacts, sales. Setup a backoffice - content management CMS tailor for your needs; optimize urls and meta tags that maximize the organic positioning of your site so that it appears well indexed on Google.

  3. Activate online presence – in the “go live” there are several essential points that cannot be overlooked, such as the SEO - Search Engine Optimization – review, redirection of urls from the old website to the new one, the submission of sitempap.xml to google and robots.txt… integrate email marketing platforms, integrate shares with social networks and set up analytics to measure tags, events and conversion funnels…. Test, test, test ... activate security certificate and online!

  4. Train, Monitor, Analyze, Measure performance for - this is the time to teach and share so that the brand is autonomous in managing the content of its website and online store, with the publication of news, products and services in a consistent way. It is essential to train, monitor, measure return and keep the site “alive”!

Let it be clear that we are happy with this multiple-option web world where there are several paths and solutions, and where brands may choose the most appropriate path for their life stage and the human and financial resources at their disposal.

Let it also be clear that we believe that hiring an agency to make your website, online store and digital strategy will have more effective and consistent results and boost the faster growth of your reputation and business.

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