Should my business have a blog?

If we put the question upside down, we have the answer: why not? why not have a blog to share the best we know how to do? ... and thus, be able to contribute to raise the knowledge of our customers, partners and everyone who read us?

Maria Cunha
Jul 6 2020 • 2 min reading
Should my business have a blog?

When we talk about topics with substance and expertise, we are able to contribute to the evolution of business, markets, different sectors, since digital is transversal to everyone. Furthermore, we believe that we can awaken those who read us, the desire to want to know more, the enthusiasm to be able to do better. And in this way, the world moves faster.

When we share what we know, in a genuine, practical and objective way, we make our contribution to society. And contrary to what you might think, this sharing of information will never jeopardize our success. It’s the opposite, it is helping us to gain “ownership” and a certain “authority” in these issues on which we work on a daily basis and we are acquiring more and more know-how, thus gaining a certain status as credible owners of information in this universe. digital.

At a technical level, we also gained importance, it is true. We increase the relevance of the site in terms of SEO - Search Engine Optimization - we increase the number of shares, visits, but we also improve the positioning in organic searches because we appear more often, and we become more relevant. But at the end of the day, that’s not what moves us. We are moved by the desire that this sharing of information allows to raise the knowledge of all. Blogs are a great way to share thematic know-how and expertise.

Check here some ideas:

  1. If your business is in the tourism sector, why not make a blog with regular posts where they share secrets that our country has to know; and destinations… so much that you can say about them;
  2. If your expertise is legal, you can create a blog of one or more areas of law where you share the way you see the evolution of times in the light of that area;
  3. If you work in the financial sector, why not share the way you see the evolution of the markets;
  4. If you work in the fashion sector, a blog of trends and suggestions will certainly be a success;
  5. If your area of ​​activity is in the scope of sustainability, how about a blog with tips and curiosities for everyone to contribute as well?

On this side, we will continue to share in our blog all the knowledge in web design and web development, as well as improvements in website development in general and the path in which we believe in the successful implementation of a consistent digital strategy.

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