My new hybrid colleagues

In this last year I managed to count on three hybrid colleagues in the team. They are not cars, but very different from the classic programmers.

Inês Victorino
Aug 3 2020 • 2 min reading
My new hybrid colleagues

Out of Técnico, FCT or another computer engineering college, this new programmers are born full of ideas and creativity. As a designer I have all the aesthetic and graphic concerns of the websites, but now I can count on a new kind of ITs! These programmers are no longer classics(some even show up at the office in t-shirts and shorts! Others even go to the gym!) No longer spend all day hitting code on a black background and green letters - they are hybrids!

Now I can count on a multidisciplinary team with tools to improve and help me with not only backend but frontend. As a designer, I am always full of ideas that I want to experiment and evolve, and now with these hybrids I can make my ideas come true.

I am even afraid to admit that many of them are born out of a small conversation, what do you think of this scroll getting faster and then the image instead of fading appears from the left? Brilliant let's test it! I find myself forgetting classic gasoline cars for this novelty, a colleague multifaceted in creativity both in code (gasoline) and aesthetic (super electric) - they already know the concern for detail - the simple second that changes everything in online animation.

We continue to count on everything to be perfect on the backend with them, but now there is another brain that wants to create with us. And nothing better for a creative than another head to imagine. All inputs are welcome, we discuss hourly improvements and changes to help the user. And often even ideas are born faster with improvements!

With the new times websites are getting more and more animated, if the animation is created correctly, it is discreet and does not distract users from their goals. And nothing better than having a multifaceted team to create them.

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