How we can be closer using digital platforms

How can we establish closer relationships with our customers and with our followers, using digital platforms and the tools we have at our disposal?

Madalena Moreira Rato
Jun 8 2020 • 3 min reading
How we can be closer using digital platforms

This is a matter of great importance, with more impact nowadays than ever before. Digital platforms have gained a unique and unbeatable strength in our lives, in our jobs, in the efficiency with which we manage our businesses.

For instance, a business that has an outdated website, that does not have active social networks, that does not collect feedback from its customers, is not creating a relationship, is not using properly all the tools.

It became clear: whoever is better prepared in technological terms, with their digital presence and in the way they communicate with their clients, will be better off in times of difficulty, such as the one we are going through now.

There are many trends and tools used to create a closer and personalized communication. See some examples below:

  • content marketing: we already know the expression “Content is King!”. It is worth highlighting the importance of keeping communication alive, using several channels that bring you closer to your customers: streamline the website, post on social networks, send email marketing,… and feel the responsibility to always choose the words of each sentence and every text you share.
  • chat and chatbot: being close to your customers, effectively and automatically. Artificial intelligence has a huge weight in technology today. Taking advantage of this knowledge will bring customers and business to your company.
  • voice search: the voice is increasingly a trend rooted in the habits of users. On the internet (as in life) the world moves at high speed, so the easier the way, the faster your customers are able to respond to their needs, the more likely they will be to become loyal and the sooner they will become promoters of your company.
  • videos, webinars, lives: there is a way to be close, behind the screen, and that way is to “show your face”, bring value to those who hear us, teach and raise the level of knowledge to those who choose to hear what your company has to share. A good institutional film, a webinar that demonstrates knowledge on a topic of interest, ... can generate more business than promoting your services!

The list of tools does not end in the examples above, there are numerous options that you can choose and adapt to your business.

In addition to generating content, it is important to ask, listen, analyze, gather information that will allow personalization and even customization of the offer of products or services, in order to make communication more effective and based on practical results of improvement in your business.

In the end, there will always be more to gain for a company that knows how to communicate, favoring the empathy and active listening of its users and customers. More than talking about tools or technologies, the way they are used is what makes the difference. Aligning your company's mission with the will of your customers will always bring good results.

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