Content is King. The concept is old, but getting more and more current!

In the middle of 2022 content is everywhere: Websites, blogs, video streaming APPs, music streaming APPs, posts on multiple networks, podcasts, .... content continues to evolve and is considered the most powerful online marketing tool. We all have our favorite content creators and there is so much on offer that it becomes difficult to choose.

Madalena Moreira Rato
Jul 26 2022 • 3 min reading
Content is King. The concept is old, but getting more and more current!

So Yes! Content is king ... still, always, and more and more! If you have any doubts think about what you do every time you browse on your cell phone or do a search on your desktop.

It is through the texts you write, the images you choose, the videos, ... that users will connect with your brand and your business. This is how people feel and experience the values on which your business and knowledge are based.

On the other hand, for your site to be found by those who don't know you and are interested in your products or services, it is important to reinforce that google values quality and objectivity of content. If you regularly produce quality informative content you will be seen by Google as "an authority in that particular subject".

The more visits you convert to your site, the more credit Google gives you, it works like a "snowball": the more you publish, the more you appear on google, the more clicks you get to your site ... you appear even more on google!

It is important not to forget that visitors only come to your site if the texts, articles, news and words that are written there contain the right attraction words. Only people who are actually interested in your products or services will find you.

In this regard, I write below what you should pay attention to in each type of content, especially in the more dynamic sections of the site, such as news, articles, blog, ...:

  • Title: use the right words, that summarize the subject, and avoid exceeding 65 characters.
  • Description: write, in the 1st paragraph of the text, the most important words and avoid exceeding 160 characters. At least you should be aware that the words after exceeding this limit will not be considered for indexing in Google. Highlight in bold the most relevant words.
  • Files: name the files (PDF) according to the theme of each one. The name you give to the files is important and must include the relevant words of the file's theme.
  • Images: Name the images as if they were the "caption" of the image. The name you give the images is indexed by search engines.
  • Video: name the videos as if they were the "subtitle", use videos that are compatible with all devices. Use mp4 format, otherwise publish via Youtube or similar.

After updating the content on your site, share it on social media and promote your internal team to do so as well. When doing so, always refer to a "read detail" link on your website so that users get to know your company and the services you provide.

Always focus on the fact that increasing the audience of your website means reaching more potential clients and thus gaining more business for your company!

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