How to make life easier for your marketing and communication team on digital

These teams are currently facing a huge challenge to publish relevant content on the multiple digital platforms where their brands are present.

Maria Cunha
May 24 2022 • 2 min reading
How to make life easier for your marketing and communication team on digital

Publishing news, articles or events on your company's website and promoting them on social networks for conversion requires writing the right copy, choosing the right image, producing videos or podcasts... all this in a weekly planning that turns into almost daily and relevant communication.

The CMS (Content Management System) Backoffice platform - your website's content management tool - has to help keep pace and optimize processes, at the risk of, when poorly chosen, representing unnecessary hours lost to the marketing and communication team when updating the website.

By choosing a custom technological solution, you are, on the one hand, creating a website with a tailored graphic design, with a user-friendly content management Backoffice that ensures total autonomy to your management team; and, on the other hand, ensuring the best browsing experience to each visitor. This is the only way to effectively protect and defend the interests of the team that manages your site and the customers that use it.

On the other hand, by choosing to develop your website with a generic software solution (as wordpress ou wix), poorly parameterized to your reality, you will "make life difficult" for the marketing team that uses it daily and promote inefficiency. Usability, look&feel and navigation may also be compromised as the content on the website increases. These solutions that deceive by "low budget" typically also have an absence of technical support and transform the "freedom" of choosing open-source software, into a "prison" and technical dependency that increases financial and operational costs and can compromise the entire credibility of the digital positioning of your business.

I summarize some of the advantages of choosing the right CMS solution when deciding to develop a new website, with a system oriented to your reality and facilitating the daily management of your digital presence:

  1. Freedom to define the structure of information and content interrelation;
  2. Freedom in the design (UX/UI) to allow the best navigation and experience of those who visit;
  3. Regular corrections and improvements, oriented to the performance and speed of the site 
  4. Hosting in dedicated servers, which reinforce security;
  5. Guaranteed and personalized technical support, whenever necessary;
  6. Possibility of integration with multiple platforms to support commercial and business-oriented activity, which increase conversion and contribute to the proper positioning of brands to their respective target.

Always remember that your site today, as well as everything that surrounds it, is one of the greatest sources of credibility of your business.

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