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Do you already know what you need to have more reservations at your hotel? Your website is the perfect window to improve the conversion rate of virtual visitors to guests. In this article is everything you need to know ...

Inês Victorino
May 5 2021 • 3 min reading
Book your hotel website now

Size doesn't matter!
Whether it is a boutique hotel or a resort, the most important thing is an organized and easy to understand website. This facility starts with navigation, we must immediately find the menus for the most desirable pages - for example, "book now", “rooms and suites”, "amenities", "gallery", "location" and "contact us". Then throughout the pages, avoid placing too many paragraphs of text on the pages, unless they are divided by images, and keep only the necessary information, without excessive pages.

Professional photos
A picture is worth a thousand words, and we all want to imagine what it is like to be on vacation in a paradise. Focus on taking premium photos of your hotel - you can invest in macro photos (of the building, the pool, the rooms, the restaurant, the leisure area etc ...) and micro photos of details that make your establishment unique and different from the others. Invest special attention in the photos of the rooms, do not put just one photo, visitors like to see all the rooms and amenities available.

Sea view on desktop and mobile
Do not hesitate in create a website that works on all devices. Your website must remain attractive and functional on all screens. In this sector the majority of accesses are typically mobile (between 60% to 70%) and you do not want to miss the opportunity to convert mobile users into reservations.

Booking in one click
Does your hotel have an online reservation system? If not, it's time to invest. Consumers want the convenience of searching and booking their own rooms online. Remember that a visitor may not always fall on the homepage, all links on your website must have a call to action with a button always present to book. It is best to have a button right on the menu so that it is always easy to access. Making this process as easy as possible increases the chance of being the chosen hotel.

Clear and easily accessible contact information
It may not seem very important, especially if guests can already book online in one click but in fact it is extremely important to keep the contact channels open. These channels can vary between phone, email, contact form and now the new channel is  chatbots. answer questions in such a way that people have the impression that they are talking to someone at the hotel, but in reality these are pre-programmed answers with the most frequently asked questions and sometimes already with some Artificial Intelligence to support the conversation.

What else does a hotel website need?
In addition to being visually appealing, it must also be optimized to rank well in searches (for example Google). This means that the content should load quickly, include the words and phrases that users are looking for and keep visitors on the site for as long as possible.

To learn more about how to appear on googles first page read this article:

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