How to improve user navigation through your site?

Nowadays, it is very important to understand how the users of your website navigate through it and how you can improve their experience. To do this, it is necessary to define a strategy that maximises the user experience.

Rita Russo
Mar 21 2023 • 4 min reading

10 guidelines for UI Design

In 1990 Jakob Nielsen and Rolf Molich defined 10 usability heuristics for interaction design. They are called heuristics in the sense that they are general rules rather than specific guidelines. These rules should potentially be identified in all situations where there is a user interaction with an object or platform. In this article we will explore how they are found on websites and how they improve interaction.

Pedro Completo
Mar 14 2023 • 4 min reading

Is your website the most valuable tool in your business?

The answer is not straightforward and there are numerous factors that can define the importance of your website in your business. The way you communicate your brand online, how you tell your story, engage and convert visitors into actions, certainly makes your website a powerful tool that you should pay attention to.

Rafaela Nogueira
Mar 7 2023 • 2 min reading

The Art of Storytelling in Web Design: Creating a Narrative Through Design Elements

In a recent Softway blog article we talked about the importance of emotions in a company's digital strategy and how storytelling plays a central role in creating memorable bonds in the consumer's mind towards a given brand.

Marta Guimarães Ferreira
Feb 28 2023 • 4 min reading

When Softway people get together, success is guaranteed!

When Softway people get together, working, analysing the path we've made together and thinking about the future, playing pool and even in the Immersive Theatre, success is guaranteed!

Madalena Moreira Rato
Feb 22 2023 • 3 min reading

Lessons Learned: My First 2 Months as a Full-Stack Web Developer at Softway

Starting a new job as a Full-Stack Web Developer is an exciting but overwhelming experience. You want to get up to speed quickly and contribute to the company’s mission of developing high-quality websites for clients. However, there are many things to learn, from understanding the company culture to getting familiar with the technology stack and coding standards.

Sarah Leão
Feb 14 2023 • 2 min reading

Emotions as a fundamental tool for your digital strategy

The importance of emotional connections in branding strategies is undeniable. It is through emotions that brands can establish a deeper and more lasting connection with their consumers. Generating emotions, creating bonds, responding to what the consumer is looking for through a relationship of trust and security, has become fundamental.

Rafaela Nogueira
Feb 7 2023 • 2 min reading

Softway at Laracon EU 2023

Last week Softway's development team attended Laracon EU 2023, an annual conference for developers and web professionals using the PHP Framework: Laravel. This conference was held in several cities around the world, this year it took place in Lisbon and brought with it names like Taylor Otwell, Jeffrey Way, Freek Van der Herten, among others, and allowed our team to interact with them and listen to them live.

João Amador
Jan 31 2023 • 2 min reading

The importance of a well structured site

The structure of a website is fundamental, since it is this that will determine how long a user will stay on your site. A good structure makes access to content and information quick and effective - and in addition, makes a site properly optimized for search engines (SEO).

Rita Russo
Jan 24 2023 • 2 min reading

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