Tips to prepare your website for Black Friday

Black Friday is approaching and with it comes a great opportunity for companies to increase their revenues. A good campaign for this time is based on a well-structured marketing strategy activated in multi-channels, with a predominance of digital. In this context, your website contributes a lot to a successful Black Friday by attracting new leads and converting them into business.

Rita Russo
Nov 22 2022 • 3 min reading
Tips to prepare your website for Black Friday

This day can bring several benefits to your business, such as attracting new customers/leads who probably did not know your company and who are activated by the campaign; repeat customers, who have already purchased something from your store before and never returned, may come back this time, if you get strong publicity, an attractive campaign and a successful experience.

Taking all these factors into account, we present some important points that you should take into account when you think about participating in this day of incredible discounts and the results you want to get with it, via the website or online store.

Create a landing page for Black Friday

It is very advantageous to create a landing page dedicated to Black Friday on your website, as this way users can find what they want faster and it will be easier for them to search. Focusing the user's attention and narrowing the path are important tips for converting!

Use “key” graphic elements on the landing page

On your landing page, you should keep in mind that it is important to use graphic elements that are sufficiently differentiating and that call attention to the user to understand that it is Black Friday. We give you some examples:

  • Create specific elements: new banners, discount symbols, changing the header or footer, a Black Friday-only color scheme or even a slightly different logo are ways for the customer to be able to perceive that it is a dedicated page to this campaign;
  • Add a countdown: studies say shoppers start looking for discounts in October, which means they're likely to visit your site before the Black Friday season. The idea of having a countdown on your website for this day will show the consumer that you are preparing for the discounts that are coming;
  • Simplify the workflow, maximize the experience: the design of your landing page or your website, at this time, must be simple for the consumer to be able to find everything he is looking for and needs quickly and effectively. It's important to minimize the number of clicks and make the checkout process simple and intuitive.

Optimize the shopping cart page

In an online store, it is very important to have the shopping cart page well optimized so that the consumer, once entering the purchase funnel, does not get lost and converts into a sale. Conversion facilitators are:

  • Having multiple delivery options: it is very important to have multiple delivery options to be able to match the needs of the consumer. Options such as picking up the order at a store, home delivery and costs;
  • Offer several payment methods: it is necessary to have a variety of payment methods available, because if it is not possible to find the payment method you want, people will give up the purchase;
  • Possibility of creating an account on the website or entering an existing one: this functionality is very relevant, as users want to create an account on your website in order to have access to information regarding their orders. The login option on the cart page should not be overlooked.

Black Friday is an occasion that brings together a large number of consumers looking for the best opportunities to get what they want at the best price. Your role, as a service or product provider, is to make the entire online shopping experience simple, easy and effective for the user.

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