The importance of having a simple and agile website to update

As I already had the opportunity to write in a previous post, a website is not a work of art, it is a work in progress, forever!

Madalena Moreira Rato
Apr 6 2021 • 2 min reading
The importance of having a simple and agile website to update

That is why it is so important, in the first place, to ensure that you have a backoffice that allows content management in a simple and intuitive way, that ensures that it does not create entropy and difficulty in updating your website.

On the other hand, make sure that the content manager is robust and that it will never jeopardize the graphic consistency and user experience of the website.

Then, the focus should be on how you can increase the flexibility and agility online of your brand. The importance of being able to activate or deactivate prominent areas on your site or parallel to it is very relevant to ensure that you have the possibility of communicating any content, at any time, in an impactful and captivating way for your visitors.

In this sense, I share below some examples of ways to communicate on the web:

  • Landing Pages - are unique pages, with information parallel to the site, where you can highlight specific information (eg, the launch of a new service or an online event). Imagine that you have a pre-defined, attractive and strong template, in the graphic line of the website, and whenever justified, you simply upload the contents (texts, images, videos, ...), generate a link automatically and share that link wherever you want ( on social networks, on the website,…). The freedom to build your own digital footprint!
  • Pop-up - it is a window that appears above your website, as soon as the visitor enters, where you can highlight a presentation video, a promotion, an event, ... it’s a way to invite the visitor to see a content that is important to your business. Pop-ups can be prepared so that your job is just to upload the content you want to share ... and voilá, all visitors will be impacted by the information chosen by you at that moment!
  • Info Bar - is a text bar highlighted on your website (eg at the top of the website), where you can write a teaser with a link to any area of your site, or to another website. This format is ideal for placing a short notice or some “not to be missed” information. This bar can be activated and deactivated by you whenever you want!

These are just examples that can be prepared and on your side, without having to know about programming or web design ... you simply have to worry about creating content that enhances and favors your business!

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