The importance of email marketing

Why is it important to communicate with those who visit your site, with customers, suppliers … via email? How should you do it? What can you communicate?

Madalena Moreira Rato
Oct 12 2020 • 3 min reading
The importance of email marketing

Sending newsletters means keeping your brand, your services, your knowledge in the memory of the recipient.

We make decisions often based on the opinions of the people around us, so being on people's minds can make them promoters of our brand or even convert them into clients.

On the other hand, and very important also, having the content of the newsletters well-structured and optimized for SEO (search engine optimization), gives more strength to your position in search engines.

Regardless of the email marketing platform you use (eg E-Goi, Mailchimp, ...), there are several themes that are very important for the success of your communication. I highlight some below:

  • make sure you have the possibility to subscribe to the newsletter on your website - take advantage of those who visit your website and, for some reason, were interested in knowing more, receiving more information.
  • organize your contacts with customers, suppliers, friends, family, ... - send a "charming email" asking if they want to receive periodic information ... the larger and more diverse the database, the greater the return.
  • compose simple and relevant content - short and flashy headlines, strong and captivating images, small texts that pique your curiosity to read more and be sure to put a hyperlink to your website, to promote more visits and send the message to search engines to be expert in what is the nature of your business.
  • create a line between the newsletters and the website - not only through the content, the links to the website, but also the image and the graphic tone, these must be similar for the brand to be unanimous and therefore easily recognized.
  • do not send too many newsletters ... but also do not let your company fall by the wayside - send periodic newsletters, define a day and prepare the relevant content so that nothing fails in this cadence. Also send exceptional newsletters, whenever it makes sense: extraordinary moments require extraordinary measures too!
  • analyze the impact of campaigns - see statistics after each submission, how many people received, how many opened the email, how many clicked to find out more, how many people managed to convert. It will help to better define the next newsletter.
  • make a careful management of the database - see who asked to be removed from the database, ensure that that subscriber does not receive the newsletter again, but if you know him or if you have the opportunity to reach more personal contact, try to understand why wanted to stop receiving your newsletters.

Email marketing is a gigantic world, with many possibilities, which will help you to create awareness for your brand and better online positioning.

Let's do it? :) If we can help in any way, don't hesitate to say!

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