The 4 most common mistakes in producing content for a website

The process of creating content for your site is a very important one, and with it comes the pressure to publish it regularly.

Rita Russo
Dec 20 2022 • 3 min reading
The 4 most common mistakes in producing content for a website

You can't let that pressure undermine the quality of all the material you intend to make available on your site and to which your audience will have access.

There are some fairly common mistakes during the content creation process, either because you don't know your target well enough, or because of a lack of organization of ideas, difficulty in deciding what you want to communicate or what is relevant.

To help, we point out the 4 most common mistakes in producing content for a website:

  1. Not taking into consideration what the target needs:
    Content is for your customers, not for you. If the content doesn't add anything to your target audience, they won't be interested in reading it or sharing it either. To prevent this from happening, it is important to know your customers well and what they need - ideally creating your marketing personas, which will represent your brand's consumer profile. Do research on your audience, talk to your customers, understand their biggest questions and concerns, and if possible, collect this data through questionnaires, for example.
  2. Focus on only one type of content:
    The content on your website is not just the texts or articles you produce. There are other forms of content that promote greater engagement and that complement the production of text. Videos, images, audios, games, etc. Working with varied content and interactive content is very relevant and will captivate your target and increase their digital conversion.
  3. Ignore the importance of Google's algorithm:
    SEO - Search Engine Optimization - is very important and the more knowledge you have on the subject, the better for your business and your content. Having content that follows good SEO practices will ensure that your site is well positioned in search engines. This means that you will appear on the first pages of Google and have more organic (unpaid) visitors to your site. Or is this not a "The million-dollar question: How to appear on Google’s first page?"
  4. Forgetting the importance of correctly formatting the content:
    The way you format your texts will also dictate whether the user wants to continue consuming your content or not. Simple steps like separating text into topics, using images and creating highlights with bolds or italics will grab the attention of the reader and let the reading flow. This formatting also impacts your site's SEO optimization.

Working on your website content is a constant learning process, the topics above will help you get better results, more interaction, and more leads. A good content production process will enable you to reach the right audience and achieve good results. Don't forget that "content is King".

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