Reinforce digital in rebuilding "post" Covid-19

And now how will it be? Covid-19 has changed minds, that's for sure. But what will this “new world” be like after confinement?

We gradually begin to return to a new “normality” for everyone. And we witnessed, in a very short time, to adjustments and re-adaptations to new realities that took us out of our comfort zone, but that at the same time opened so many other doors for us.

Maria Cunha
Jun 1 2020 • 2 min reading
Reinforce digital in rebuilding

And it is also true that people have more digital capabilities than ever, and that all companies that already communicated through their websites, social networks and sending email marketing, managed to be agile in the digital way of communicating and posting information in this period. With this they managed to keep their “open doors” a few clicks away, with extraordinary results of engagement and notoriety, as we have been analyzing in different reports in Google Analytics.

Nowadays, as web partners of companies in the most diverse business areas, we have prepared a task force to help the implementation of the different digital challenges of each one, quickly and effectively, with many tools increasingly valued in this new way of communicating, whether inside out or from the outside into the organizations.

Today we share some trends that have come to stay, and that give us an idea of ​​everything that is yet to come. These trends allow companies to become more autonomous, facilitate contact with customers, and communicate in a more direct and impactful way:

  1. Integrations on the sites: Whatsapp; Live Chats; Facebook Messenger; Sharing functionality on Social Media networks in many areas of the sites. In this way, we make it easier and faster for customers to contact companies.

  2. Activations on the websites: E-mail Marketing platforms (users are again more receptive and interested in e-mail communications); Webinar platforms such as Zoom or Webex allowing the organization to have online events that have had a lot of support and impact. With these new activations, organizations still communicate with their target audience, which allows them to maintain their goals of continuing to involve people, customers, suppliers ... we also reinforce at this point the importance of sharing news on social networks via website.

  3. Development of new features on websites: from Pop Ups, Landing Pages, Tickers or Info Bars that allow you to communicate urgent messages, campaigns, events / webinars, etc ... giving the sites greater autonomy and agility to be able to quickly create different communication formats, integrated with your strategies and activations.

“There is no turning back”, even more so from the moment we watched the Portuguese State take a giant technological step on all its fronts, or even our grandparents to participate in family events at Zoom or to speak as never did it before via WhatsApp…

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