The importance of sharing news on social networks through your site

If you produce news, papers and newsletters to spread on social networks, be sure to follow a basic rule: link them to your website.

Maria Cabral de Sousa
Nov 4 2019 • 2 min reading
The importance of sharing news on social networks through your site

The world is demanding and complex. Your company is expected to communicate online regularly by keeping the site updated with news, highlights, know-how.

You are also expected to communicate on all social networks that make sense for your business: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, ... with relevant new posts.

If you produce news, papers and newsletters on a regular basis and even worry about spreading it on several channels, be sure to:

  1. create the article on your site with a good image, title and description. Read here some tips to do it the best way >
  2. share the article on social networks being logged in with your company’s´ account, and also through your personal account. Promote your team to do so too.
  3. convert social visitors to your site by copying the article url to your post so that when users click to read detail, they link to your site. Alternatively write a specific link on the social media post so that users don't just see the post but can click to read the detail on the site.
  4. create internal links to other relevant content in your article you write: products, services, or know-how - suggest other relevant news by theme or expertise and increase the permanence time on your site.
  5. promote user friendly reading workflow navigation
  6. analyze how many of your site visits came via social networks and track site time through tools like google analytics

Keep in mind that your website is probably your biggest asset on the web and the one you control best. It is important  to convert people who come across posts and relevant content on social networks > to your website!

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