How to keep your website visitors loyal

We are all aware that it is so important to keep your site's regular visitors loyal, as it is to attract new ones. Retaining users is essential to boost your business growth through web organic presence and promote engagement with your brand, your content, and the value you add to the market.

Rita Russo
Jun 8 2022 • 2 min reading
How to keep your website visitors loyal

When the user enters your site, they probably already have some expectations regarding the contents they will find and it is therefore essential to work on them to, at the very least, meet expectations.

Work on the contents considering three points: presentation, organization and versatility.

Presentation has to do with form. She is responsible for the first impression she makes on people and for the “will” to stay, continue reading an article, want to see the video until the end or listen to the podcasts in question.

Organization has to do with the ability to structure information and has a huge impact on usability. A confusing or unclear site in terms of organization will always have a higher abandonment rate.

Finally, the versatility in the way content is presented to keep up with digital trends and the versatility in the “placement” given to each topic. To always highlight the most important themes, is essential.

In addition to the three points focused on content, there are some essential “musts” to be able to retain visitors longer and make them recur:

  • Have a good structure: a user cannot spend more than 1 or 2 seconds understanding how the site navigation works. It must be so intuitive that “without thinking” everything flows. Plan your site's org chart well and keep it simple and effective.
  • Load speed: essential for the entire engagement process on the site. The is no time to waste and if in each click you must wait more than a fraction of a second to access the information, you will definitely give up and “close the window”.
  • Keeping the content regularly updated: the site is a “digital organic living being”. You must keep it up to date and relevant. If you have a news or know-how section and the most recent article you have is from more than a month ago, your users will wonder if “everything is ok with your company”.

In addition to the points mentioned in this article, it is essential to have the Customer experience (cx) as a business strategy and to work on important details, such as the Call to Actions throughout the site. Be sure to delve deeper into these topics in the respective articles.

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