The importance of good Calls-to-Action on your site

When a visitor enters your site, what do you want them to see first? How do you want to convert a visitor's entry to your site?

Madalena Moreira Rato
May 31 2022 • 2 min reading
The importance of good Calls-to-Action on your site

Let's start at the beginning, what is a call-to-action, often called a CTA? It's a call for the visitor to "see more" or "contact us", "buy", it's a directing the visitor to what is most important to us.

Basically, the CTA promotes the visitor's action, whatever it may be. And so, the most important thing is to define the purpose of the CTAs and then, to be able to place them in the right place, with the right text and the appropriate design.

There are many examples of CTA: "learn more"; "follow us"; "buy now"; "click here"; "subscribe to our newsletter", ... and what gives them strength is their relevance and the ability to, in an elegant way, guide the visitor's navigation.

When a visitor enters your site, it is a golden opportunity to enchant him, to make him interested in your business, your services, what you have to offer. In this sense, it is very important to guide the navigation to show your company's strengths, your DNA, what they are, ... and, in the end, try to get a contact, so that that anonymous visitor becomes known and contactable by your company.

Depending on your goal, CTAs can be presented in various ways, all of which are important. For example:

  • Button - a button associated with text can have a lot of power, because of its prominence and the ease with which the visitor is impelled to click. To be effective, it must be clear, framed in the message you want to convey.
  • Text - many times the main objective is to give more information, so a CTA included in a text is perfect! The visitor is reading and is called to go deeper into the subject in a link, following the text he is reading.
  • Banner - the banner has the advantage of being a "separate space" of your site, with its own design, with text + image + video, ... according to the objective that is behind: the conversion of the visitor.
  • Pop-up - a little more intrusive, it jumps to the visitor's eyes, if well worked out graphically it will surely be a success!

The choice behind each CTA type is very much related to its end goal: to get contact, to promote the purchase of a product, to entice to a promotion, to deepen knowledge, ... there are many reasons and all of them have as the main focus keeping the vistor interested in your site.

Therefore, the design, its positioning on the page, the relationship between the CTA and the other elements on the page is very important for its success.

To remember: Calls-to-Action serve essentially to indicate the next step that your company wants a visitor to take. Take advantage of them!

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