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Have you made your own online store?

“Times change… wills change!” This expression has never been so certain (and with so fast results) as at these times that we are living, and which I believe will have major impact and definitive changes in people's habits.

Madalena Moreira Rato
Aug 17 • 2 min reading
Have you made your own online store?

We are now more connected than ever, always online! And so, we experience the world, we know projects, companies, businesses, we shop, we hire services, we make decisions… everything online!

Many companies, having been directly impacted by this new context, have already reinvented their business models. Buying and selling online have increased a lot ... as well as confidence in platform security and the development of risk-free payment systems (mbway, PayPal, ...).

To continue evolving, it is urgent to adapt your company, your business, your way of communicating and what you have to offer to this new reality. Keep your clients interested and capture the attention of your potential new ones.

Whether you are a product or service company, it is very important to change your mindset and understand how you can profit from what you have to offer and set up a concept of "online store", where you can sell your products and services, in real time!

Benefits of a “Online Store” concept:

  • Flexibility in the schedule of those looking for the services that your company can offer ... an online store is always open!
  • Huge growth potential, a well-structured and well-thought-out online store, with user-friendly browsing and with clear products or services for the visitor, can have a global impact! It is not limited to a physical space or to a manual / personal availability ... it is just a click away!
  • Taking advantage of impulse purchases, at a time when the potential customer evaluates the purchase of a certain service or product, the fact that you can do it online can facilitate the purchase decision ... and thus make you a customer.
  • Offering a better service, in a more comfortable and quick way for the customer, allowing him to make his choice without having to leave the house.
  • Higher profitability and lower cost for your company, when making your products and services available online.

So, I challenge you to think about your business and rethink how you could convert it into an online shopping concept. Think out of the box! I am sure it will generate more business for your company!

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