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A picture is worth a thousand words

An old saying has it that a picture is worth a thousand words plays a crucial role when it comes to the internet.

Tomás Jacob
Aug 24 • 1 min reading
A picture is worth a thousand words

Has I had the opportunity to write before, your website works as a digital storefront of your business. When at a physical store the highlighted products work as the main attraction to customers. To translate that into a website we need… images!

With the slow return to normalcy, many of us had the chance to go back outside to eat at restaurants. In this business, many chefs and managers are familiar with the concept of “eating with your eyes”. In this case, be it with pictures accompanying the menu or with a not so subtle glance at the neighbors plate, the truth is, many times, we end up making a choice based on what we saw around us. The presentation of the dish influences our choice. The same thing applies to the internet and to your website.

High quality images are flashy and help to convey professionalism to your clients and visitons, no matter your area of business. Even if you don’t want to highlight a specific product, this type of media helps to create a solid and appealing visual identity. In the right hands, your office, store or buildings can become an integral and unique part of the graphic design of your website.

Despite its inherent cost, a professional photographer or videographer should be seen as intangible investments and your visitors will feel the difference, because as we say here at Softway: “you can feel the difference”.

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