The Digital First Impression

A website's landing page should work as a storefront, capable of atracting clients to explore your company.


Tomás Jacob
Feb 24 2020 • 2 min reading
The Digital First Impression

Throughout a workday, we visit dozens of websites at a frantic rhythm. Be it to check today’s news or just to revisit the highlights of last weekend football match. We might remember what we read, but we don’t remember the colours or looks of a not-so-common website in our routine. In our memory, the only websites that remain are the ones able to break us out of this trance.

This is why a digital-first impression is so important. When we arrive at a website we never visited before, the first seconds are fundamental. It is this first moment, before any scroll or navigation, that makes all the difference. It might be the colours, animations, images or illustrations, but when a website manages to capture our attention, it makes us want to explore and interact with it. No matter how important the web site's content is, this first impact is what differentiates your company and increases user’s retention rates.

To achieve this differentiation, it is necessary to define concretely our goal. For instance, for an online store, it is important to highlight some products or sales to our users.

In the services area, a company benefits more from showing its unique and characteristic side, as to take off from the competition.

We can use an analogy to transpose this to a real-world situation: when we walk into a supermarket, our instinct as costumers is to look for sales and products. Deep down we are there because we need to do some shopping and the focus must be on the products for sale.

On the other hand, if we walk into a, let’s say lawyer society, we expect to be welcomed and a professional environment. We are not in a rush to find a product, but instead, we seek to understand our options and how this company is suited for my situation.

In its landing page, a website must reflect the spirit and values of a company, working as a storefront to display its added value for its customers.

With the advancing technology, we have available today in the area of web development, there are plenty of tools to create a unique landing page for your business, such as 2D or 3D animations, video, illustrations and diverse typography.

Do not be afraid to aim high when requesting a website. Especially because, nowadays, (almost) everything is possible.

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