Will Christmas be digital this year?

We want it to be physical, in person and full of hugs! We want to be able to unwrap gifts together and laugh at the same table. But will Christmas be remote this year?

Maria Cabral de Sousa
Nov 16 2020 • 2 min reading
Will Christmas be digital this year?

I believe that we will be able to be with closer family, but we want to send a little bit of us to everyone: friends, distant family members, customers who stood firm and challenged us, partners with whom we raised things together ... to everyone who walked with us in this difficult year, even at a distance.

This year, more than ever, digital is the easiest and safest way to reach our people with a special message to let them know that we think of them and that we will not let this pandemic prevent us from “being present”, even if in a different way.

So, the time has come to start thinking about a strong message and an inspiring image and let the emotion of Christmas start filling email boxes, WhatsApp messages, social networks and websites so that your people keep in mind that you keep them in mind!

Be creative and be sure to send a digital Christmas card. If there’s one thing we have learned in this different year, it’s that digital evolution is not about technologies, it is about people! … and now is the right time to use and abuse technology to reach people!

Send it to your people via WhatsApp, Email, SMS ... publish your digital Christmas card on social media, activate it on your website and let the world know that even in a difficult year, or even more in a difficult year... Christmas is about hope and the desire to run together for a new year with some uncertainness, but also the belief that next Christmas will not be remote.

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