This Christmas, build your online reputation

The festive season is upon us, and so is shopping for the festivities. This period has always been a cause for joy for brands and retailers, as along with hot chocolate warming up in winter, consumption, and the market are also heated up.

João Amador
Nov 15 2022 • 2 min reading
This Christmas, build your online reputation

However, in this particular year 2022, some businesses may be apprehensive about the global economic backdrop. So it's not entirely wrong to think that, given the current economic climate, consumers are more cautious and choosing brands and products more selectively.

So how will you make your business stand out, and get us to select your brand?

Rethink the way you do digital marketing

If the new generations aren't buying, traditional marketing, you'll need to look at different channels to connect with them.

One idea, you can look at rising social platforms like Discord and TikTok to raise awareness. Also, don't forget about your online reputation, as it is effortless to access feedback about your brand online.

Business and marketing are constantly changing, but what remains the same is the willpower to adapt and stay current.

Real feedback on your content

In this techy world, for consumers a simple product photo is not enough, they need to understand the lifestyle, function, pros and cons, and the feeling of owning the product before they even have it.

Brands can have this strategy working across web channels as the biggest tool to motivate consumers to make purchases.

You need to invest in organic content generated by blogs, influencers, and real customers, understand what is being said about your brand and product, and create a real online universe around your idea that inspires even the most undecided, as you have the biggest digital tool to convince the consumer.

Have a happy 'online' Christmas season!

With consumer anticipation, brands will experience a well-balanced sales period.

But it is important to adapt: consumers are more demanding, both in terms of product quality and price. And for this, you need to be on all web channels, especially the core of your online universe, your website, to convince them.

It is worth mentioning that before making a purchase, consumers are looking for inspiration and gift ideas, and the brand that can offer this through the content it provides online will be one step ahead.

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