The world is more digital and people are more human

The past couple of weeks have forced a change that was already being imposed in this world that in a few years made digital important and, in a few days, made it mandatory. We are discovering that it is possible for the world to take on an increasingly digital form and for people to be closer and more human.

Maria Cabral de Sousa
Mar 30 2020 • 5 min reading
The world is more digital and people are more human

We are witnessing an unprecedented reality, businesses are reinventing themselves online with an urgent speed that allows them to "exist" in these difficult times, so that they can live when all this is over. They communicate with their customers in all ways, on websites, on social networks, but also by message, by email, on the phone ... to show them that they are giving everything to serve them, thankful for the loyalty and attention of so many customers.

Customers in all businesses are people who, like all of us, are adapting to these difficult times, more tolerant with deadlines, more grateful for the effort, more united in the way they are willing to help businesses improve, criticizing with sense of construction and affection.

In this process of reinventing business, here are some of the things that can be done online:

On the websites of service companies that sell know-how and expertise:

  • Share information and knowledge on your websites in an organized way so that you remain critical for customers and relevant in terms of SEO - Search Engine Optimization - for users who search on google for useful information.
  • Reinvent the way you hold conferences and events using webbinars integrated on their sites via platforms such as Cisco's Webex or Zoom, accessible for the registration and online participation of guests or interested parties
  • Activate online Chat platforms on the sites allowing your customers to communicate here too and feel close
  • Disclose contacts clearly, integrate new WhatsApp numbers to make it easier for your customers 
  • Maintain face-to-face meetings with clients or potential clients using platforms such as Teams or Whereby that enhance the meeting of people as if they were in the same room.

On websites that depended on physical stores that selled products and were not prepared for a world “staying home”,  ... don't quit! but invest in an online store with product catalog, shopping cart, payments and deliveries ... taking advantage of this moment of less activity in which the world is more tolerant and understanding, to minimize the current damage and prepare for the coming times, with the certainty that this web door will remain open and bear fruits even when the physical store can open again.

On the restaurant websites, which are transforming themselves with new take-away menu deliveries:

  • highlight with a strong image and clear message your new Take Away menus
  • transform the restuarant sites into online take-away dining stores
  • create a new page on the site with clear rules on how everything works, hygiene and safety policies, ... inform
  • activate clear contact buttons: email, phone, whatsApp integrations, with familiar and intuitive icons, to make life easier for anyone who is willing to order
  • integrate the offer of meals with existing delivery platforms such as Uber Eats or Glovo that streamline deliveries
  • create an mbway account to facilitate payments and avoid using cash and integrate payment solutions like paypal and easypay
  • communicate, promote... on websites, on social networks, sending whatsApps and personalized emails to customers to remind them that you continue fighting and need them to have someone to fight for.

On the websites of hotels and travel agencies that are currently experiencing unimaginable times, join efforts to continue communicating:

  • Disclose relevant information about the sector in a clear way, so that people know what is worth to cancel and what can be maintained
  • Keep sending newsletters and communication to customers using email marketing platforms such as E-goi or Mailchimp, so that people can continue to dream, in their homes
  • Take pictures and make simple films with your phones of the magnificent beaches where we would like to be, of the walks in the fields that we would like to make and please keep the dream alive in people so that, soon, we can be making a reservation again
  • Keep the brand alive on the website, on social networks, so that you don´t loose years of SEO - Search Engine Optimization - and remain relevant on google when users' searches are of holidays again.

On Online as in offline, there is no single formula for success, nor an infallible path, but we can feel a special bond in humanity: leaders, teams, customers, partners, suppliers ... People. And although so much is being lost, on this we are all winning.

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