The need to grow your business's online presence

A brand's online presence has to be properly prepared. It's no use just having an online presence with a poorly thought-out website, you need to get involved and take care of the business as a whole.

João Amador
Jun 29 2021 • 2 min reading
The need to grow your business's online presence

Websites that don't meet the needs

One of the most important channels for online presence is your website. It can be an institutional website, a blog, a news portal, or an e-commerce site, for example.

When a business starts working on its online presence, it's natural to create a simple and poor resource website. It's not necessarily a bad site, but it will offer a limited visitor experience.

However, as the site gains more indexing to search engines like google, its online presence becomes more relevant, visits to the site increase accordingly and new visitors come to check its content and become casual customers.

At this time of growth, it is essential to have the site ready, to not generate frustration for visitors. Here are some examples of things that can go wrong on a website:

  • Going offline due to simultaneous access peaks – usually, this happens because you don't have a hosting account with space and traffic necessary to receive multiple users simultaneously.
  • Load very slowly – a site that is poorly optimized in terms of weight (of images and videos, script loading and animation optimization).
  • Frustrating visitors who don't find what they want – poorly structured navigation menus and poorly organized content will make the user “lost” while browsing the site and give up quickly.

The examples above damage your image and believe that a “disappointed and angry visitor” will not return. It is therefore essential to ensure that your website is prepared for growth in terms of information and content and for growth in terms of visitors (hits).

Think of a website optimized for the user experience

Make sure your site offers the best user experience - User Experience - possible. It should be attractive, safe, and easy to use, responding to the user's needs and eliminating any obstacles along the way. To do this, you should pay attention to the following points:

  • Information architecture, find what you're looking for easily;
  • Responsiveness, accessing the website on multiple devices;
  • Attractive layout, the user must be satisfied and committed to the site;
  • Data security, the need to trust your brand;
  • Content usefulness, the ability to solve problems;
  • Website speed, no one wants to waste time.

The intention is that the growth in online demand for your brand does not take your company by surprise. This way, your brand will be ready to enjoy the benefits of growing online!

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