Now more than ever the web is the only gateway to your business

Last week was tough and challenging, but full of energy. It was a pride to see our team united remotely in the most challenging multitasking of our lives that gathered work, family, study, following the news, managing anxieties, responding quickly, keeping up and resolving.

Madalena Moreira Rato
Mar 23 2020 • 2 min reading
Now more than ever the web is the only gateway to your business

These days demanded clear communication by our customers on their websites, the creation and sending of newsletters so that they could communicate with their customers. The fast reinventing of graphic and technical solutions that would allow our customers to reinvent themselves and share on their websites and social networks, effectively.

That's what we did and, even though quarantined and physically separated, we worked together, and we did it!

It was hard to hear from customers’ requests to activate indefinite closing messages on hotel websites, requests from restaurant websites to highlight takeaway menu deliveries to minimize the loss of closed doors. On the websites of law firms and consultants, the need to create new information hub sections was imposed for relevant content produced, measures, approaches and legal solutions to face this Covid -19 that insists on not leaving.

We left this week stronger! More than ever it was clear that the web is a way! It requires attention, being creative and redesigning ourselves. If digital is now the only gateway for business customers, it must be explored!

We already have so many examples of this, that we are all following in some way, like a parish council that opened doors to its online presence, so that all businesses in the area could, through the web, notify their customers of their services and the willingness to make them available at each person's home. Very inspiring!

We have been, are and will be here as a team to think with each client how to recreate and reposition themselves online, because it is what we like to do the most!

We will continue together, rolling up our sleeves with a sense of resilience, knowing that we do not control what is happening, but with the certainty that we have digital communication and technology at our disposal.

When we pass this phase, we want to look back with the feeling that we help our clients' businesses reinvent themselves on the web and become stronger. And we will be tired by the challenge, but happy and stronger certainly!

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