Evasive advertising, no thanks!

Everything that is done well adds value to your business, evasive advertising will only keep your audience away.

João Amador
Mar 8 2021 • 2 min reading
Evasive advertising, no thanks!

Every day we are bombarded with advertising, advertisements of all kinds and shapes, whether it be the new shampoo, the best car or the latest technology, these come from all possible means, television, in our mailbox, on a paper left in the glass of our car or even on a passing plane.

This bombardment also affects the online world, your mobile phone and computer are affected by this phenomenon, youtube, facebook, websites and applications, ..., advertising everywhere.

Are consumers bothered by so much advertising? Or do they just hate bad publicity? And now what is good or bad publicity?

In a perfect web world, good publicity would be discreet, without intensity, and did not attract the attention of those looking for the experience of browsing a website, that is, it is fundamentally simple and does not disturb anyone.

There are a lot of good points in the way good publicity is done and it allows you to reach a much larger audience, your business will benefit and you will be increasing the curiosity around your venture, and you will even be able to capture the attention of customers that sometimes they are unaware of your service, it is not easy to attract attention in the middle of this huge world, but you will certainly have a space for yourself.

But following the title of the article, we all have some negative thinking about this topic, especially when it is really invasive and disturbs your experience.

And it's not just me, as you can see from another article, this being one of the topics that most irritates web users in 2020, the damn boxes that appear when we are about to click on our goal can really be a headache for everyone users. That is why in none of our sites you will find “banners” with images or videos of products other than yours, “popups” that interrupt your experience every second, or accidentally load in a news item advertised on your site.

That is, if you manage to advertise your article in a way that is not invasive and simple it will arouse a positive feeling, and not the usual behavior of closing your ad as soon as possible, the opposite will cause a negative feeling to your consumer, and classify your product according to the advertising where they appear.

We just want that the only product that is in evidence is yours, and that this is the focus of your website.

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