Does the number of clicks matter on websites?

What will be the ideal number of clicks until you reach a service, make a purchase, leave an email, fill out a form, or even get in touch directly through your website?

Maria Cunha
May 11 2021 • 3 min reading
Does the number of clicks matter on websites?

When developing a website, you want to make sure that users load as many CTAs (Call to Actions) and features throughout your site, that is, the links or buttons that invite an action. It is important to realize that there is a kind of “click psychology”, because there is a logic and motivation that lead users to interact with the content on the sites, in particular the most strategic ones that we want to encourage to convert into a specific action. For this, we must keep in mind 4 major goals in users: Attention, Interest, Desire, Action.

But then, does the number of clicks matter? Or is the relevance of the content and the way we present it more essential to direct users to the actions we intend to take?

It is more important to guarantee the value and relevance of the content that go with each step that the user takes when navigating the site, even if in a simple way, in order to guide him in the workflow that we want, not least because in some cases, many simple steps perform better few confused steps. So, please note the following topics:

  1. Structure and Design: focus on UX / UI (user experience / user interface - design) to have a well-structured design that combines the best of intuitive navigation, with a clean, innovative and appealing look & feel to lead visitors to your objective. If users don’t like what they see and don’t find the content they’re looking for easily and quickly, they won’t come back…
  2. Images / Videos: “Content is king”, because a picture is often worth a thousand words… it involves more, it thrills more, it stimulates more interest.
  3. Copy: it´s always good to keep in mind that the first way to convince someone to interact with our site is to have a good copywriting because the good texts and the right keywords, in the right place, are one of the first impressions that leaves those who visit them .
  4. Google Analytics: tracking and analyzing your website's statistics is a very important step to understand the most relevant traffic sources for your business, as well as the most visited content, best-selling products, most sought-after services… and being able to work and increase the relevance of the contents, realizing what works best.

At the end of the day, the greater or lesser number of clicks should not be your main concern, but rather the value you are creating in the users' browsing experience, in the “story” that counts throughout the site and in the simplicity of the steps to increase the levels of interaction with your content, increasing the CTR (click-through rate) and placing the site at the service of your business goals.

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