Let's talk about copywriting on the websites?

Our tip: “Less is more!”

Maria Cunha
Mar 1 2021 • 3 min reading
Let's talk about copywriting on the websites?

A good copywriting and good storytelling are the first way to convince someone to do anything on our website. It is effectively the first opportunity to impact and take a user to an action, to maintain interest in interactions with our business, with our value propositions, and to achieve them.

Is it easy to write good copies on websites? It may seem, but in fact, it is not always so easy. Still, it is within the reach of all of us to be able to learn to position ourselves better in the world of writing to make it more effective and relevant.

We must always try to impress positively who is on the other side and be aware that having good texts on the websites is the first impression we leave on those who visit us. At the same time, these texts must have the capacity to persuade, to enter people's imagination, to stimulate interest and emotions, whether in relation to a product or in relation to a service.

So, how can we make an impact through copy?
It is important to try to organize the information by the format, still very valid, as we learned it in the first years of school, meaning that we must have a beginning, a middle and an end ... instead of facts, facts, and facts that we all get tired of reading in the first paragraph. And for this we need to build Problem / Solution dialectics, that is, What and How? / How to refer.

Here are some important topics when writing texts for your website pages:

  • Above the Fold - what the user sees as soon as he enters the site, without scrolling down:
  1. Have a title that explains the business value we want to show
  2. Have a subtitle that explains how we create that value
  3. Have an image or video in which the user can easily view / feel / confirm what is written in the title and subtitle
  4. Having an explicit and easy CTA (Call to Action) for a “next step” so that the user knows more, or gets in touch, or buys, etc…
  • Below the Fold - what the user sees barely scrolls down to browse the rest of the site:
  1. Realize the value we want to deliver (characteristics and objectives) to increase the capacity to inspire
  2. Repeat Call to Actions (2nd CTAs) to encourage action
  3. Become notable and credible, through a message from the CEO for example, explaining in words / video the positioning, etc.
  4. If justified, create some FAQ’s for “loose ends” or questions that the user may still have
  • And last but not the least, imagine each one of us in the role of the target and review everything in order to answer questions such as: Is it interesting? Is it easy to read? Is it credible? Is it persuasive? Is it specific? Is it concise? Is it relevant?

Being direct and objective in the messages we want, and always guiding our writing by values ​​such as authenticity and transparency, we managed to be more impactful. We must have short titles and texts, but we need to be able to say a lot in a few words.

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