Do I need a website for my business? The answer is YES!

And it´s urgent that you do so.

Maria Cunha
Feb 3 2020 • 2 min reading
Do I need a website for my business? The answer is YES!

If you have a business, whatever the size is, your best business card is your website.

The number of internet users is increasing, and the tendency is to increase even more...if your company doesn´t have a website, is not on google and on all other search engines, your business loses credibility. Believe me!

3 out of 4 Portuguese people access the internet according to a Marktest Study. This same study shows that 74.6% of the Portuguese use the internet, and that 67% already use the mobile phone.

Having a website is the best and most efficient gateway to the business world, to leverage your marketing strategy and the perception which potential customers may have of you. And this in a way you never imagined.

Here are some ideas to reinforce why a website should be a priority and the center of any communication ecosystem for a B2B / B2C brands and businesses:

#1 If your company does not have a website, it is unlikely that a potential customer will consider you. Your website is the main marketing and communication tool in this digital age. If you don't have it, you won't be professional in the eyes of anyone.

#2 Everyone is online, and many users take advantage of the internet to search and find immediate answers to their needs, in any context. There is always someone online in your area of ​​expertise looking for your exact business. And only with a website is it possible to start a relationship of involvement and trust with a potential client / partner.

#3 In addition to a beautiful design, the website must work at 100%. Users increasingly judge a company's credibility by the look & feel of its website and user experience. Only then do they begin to develop a relationship of trust.

#4 A website allows you to give quick answers to basic questions. If users access your site, it is because they need to know or see something about you. And if they ask themselves, they intend to answer in milliseconds, essentially to the questions: "Who we are", "What we do" and "How to get in touch".

#5 Helps to stand out from your competition, being well built and optimized, so that it appears in the first results of search engines in an organic way ... it is a very strong fundraising potential and turns out to be one of the easiest channels to deal with to the main competitors in its business sector.

#6 Only social networks are really reductive. It is increasingly difficult to keep users on social platforms. And you can't depend on these types of platforms to run a business. It’s dangerous and too risky.

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