URLs an important point in your digital strategy

URLs are an important element in creating web pages and defining the purpose and place of your pages. However, many people do not know the different parts that make up a URL, nor the best practices for creating them.

João Amador
Jun 29 2022 • 2 min reading
URLs an important point in your digital strategy

Digital marketing relies heavily on SEO, (Search Engine Optimization), it is the process of ranking your website pages and content higher in search engines like Google.

Without SEO, it was impossible for your website pages to be found and ranked well enough to bring in organic users. There are several different things that contribute to this ranking, you need to use high level keywords, write readable content, and list metadata appropriately. But another important part is making sure your URLs are correct.

What is a URL?

URL (uniform resource locator), is also referred to as an Internet address, web address, or link, and is the reference used in a search engine to locate a web page. You can think of a URL as a house address.

Just as every address is different, every URL is unique. In addition to helping search engines locate your web pages, a URL also gives information about what the page is about, this makes it more accessible to understand your brand and learn what kind of information will be contained on the page.

Practices we use when constructing a URL?

At Softway we use best practices, to make sure that URLs are working for you, and bringing in more users, when a URL is not structured correctly, it can lead to you losing out on the benefits you could be receiving if you had a clearer and cleaner URL.

  • HTTPS Protocol;
    HTTPS is the most common protocol used in URLs, this is because it encrypts personal information and makes it harder for hackers to find your information. By using this protocol on your pages, you are helping to protect your web visitors.
  • Simple, short and relevant URLs;
    Overly complicated URLs can be difficult for both your customers and search engines to read, by keeping them short, simple and relevant to the content of your page, we can avoid confusion and keep your pages easy to access.
  • Robust on keywords;
    Using keywords in your URLs can help ensure you rank highly for important terms that are relevant to your pages and your industry, this is a good SEO strategy we use to help ensure your ranking terms appear in key areas of your website, pages, URLs, and metadata.

By making sure your URLs are structured correctly you are ensuring that your pages can be found more easily online, and that you are building a better brand online.

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