The power of the first contact: The importance of being well indexed on Google

In today's digital world, Google is the starting point for most people who are searching for something they need or are interested in online. It is precisely at this moment, when Google returns the search results, that the first contact with your brand occurs!

Madalena Moreira Rato
Jun 20 2023 • 2 min reading
The power of the first contact: The importance of being well indexed on Google

In this article, we will explore the importance of being well indexed on organic Google (unpaid) and how it can affect your online presence and the success of your brand and business.

A high percentage of visitors arrive at your website through Google, so the online presence of your brand begins with the search results. It is crucial for the success of your business to be well positioned in terms of SEO to ensure that your brand is found, that you have the opportunity to create a positive first impression, and that, as a result, it boosts visits to your website.

What is the secret to good organic Google positioning?

  • Technical SEO: To stand out in organic search results, it is essential to have a well-built website in terms of technical SEO. The website's structure, loading speed, mobile optimization, and correct indexing of pages in search engines are fundamental for good positioning in search results.
  • Compelling Metatags to attract visitors: Metatags are essential to attract visitors to your website. By creating engaging, relevant, and persuasive metatags (title and description), you will grab visitors' attention and encourage them to click on your website instead of your competitors' websites. It is at this moment that the first emotional and trust connection with your brand is established.
  • Relevant and optimized content to attract the right visitors: The content of your site is crucial for your position in search results. By creating relevant, informative, and optimized content with the right keywords, you increase the relevance of your website in the eyes of Google. This way, you attract the right visitors, those who are looking for exactly what your company offers.

Being well indexed on Google is more than just appearing in search results. It's about building a solid online presence that conveys trust, authority, and relevance. When visitors find your brand on Google and realize that it is well positioned and offers what they are looking for, trust is established even before direct contact with your company.

Therefore, we suggest investing in technical SEO, precise metatags, relevant content, and building a strong online presence. This way, you will ensure that your brand is found by the right visitors and creates a positive impression from the first moment.

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