Stay creative in pandemic times

During my life as a creative person I never tried to work away from my team, I found that creativity is something that is not easy with isolation. Creatives struggle with current events and almost make us "sofa dreamers".

Inês Victorino
May 11 2020 • 3 min reading
Stay creative in pandemic times

Creativity for me is like the apple that falls on Newton's head. When we least expect it during the lunch break at the garden outside the office - BANG! This is it! Finally the solution you needed! It becomes natural for ideas to be born or start when we are not forcing them to appear, they are only in our background during the day and numerous solutions appear when we do not force them. Now that we have neither the creative walks nor our team close by to discuss ideas, how can we be hit by Newton’s apple?

It is never simple to be creative, but in isolated times and far from everything how can we have ideas? It is very simple, we are all feeling the same. We are finally able to self-assess the problems we all have - because we are all at home looking for online solutions. Designers are problem solvers, you know? How can we forget about the stress outside and create solutions within our homes?

It is best to purchase new "virtual" tours. Our team, although far away, remains just a video call away. There is now, more than ever, a trust and comfort for everyone to help each other as a team: "Have you tried this?", "Look, I found this that can help you", "Wait 10m and we’ll see this together". We are linked because we are all going through the same, and this makes us partners in creativity. Acquire new tours, virtual ones.

Like us, the rest of the world is at home, but no one has stopped. The Internet is full of information, new ideas and many problems - but we are all online trying to respond at the same time with solutions and we will all be able to get there.

I just leave you with my tactics to keep your creativity flowing and to be hit with many "apples" during this quarantine:

  • Staying active - I know it's difficult but just walking around the house helps you to come up with ideas! Perhaps the solution may be in the kitchen or in the living room - we will only know if we go there.
  • Surf the internet even more - look for solutions with our international peers, many designers and creatives are at home with the same problems and there are countless blogs, websites and discussion platforms. Take a chance and sign up for one, create a new team as an extension of your own. New people to assess a problem always help, and now we have millions of them!
  • Discover a new hobby - being creative is not just working as a designer, it's also exploring other fields of creativity - who knows, maybe your new knitting patterns may influence a new trend online! Pixels and stitches may have more in common than we think ...
  • Report problems - More than ever, now that we all have the same fears, anxiety and suffer from isolation. Being creative is sharing the problem with others, and perhaps we will find solutions in the most unlikely people – we might find out that, in our home, we always had someone in our family with many ideas that we never imagined they had - apple BANG ...
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