Lessons Learned: My First 2 Months as a Full-Stack Web Developer at Softway

Starting a new job as a Full-Stack Web Developer is an exciting but overwhelming experience. You want to get up to speed quickly and contribute to the company’s mission of developing high-quality websites for clients. However, there are many things to learn, from understanding the company culture to getting familiar with the technology stack and coding standards.

Sarah Leão
Feb 14 2023 • 2 min reading
Lessons Learned: My First 2 Months as a Full-Stack Web Developer at Softway

As a new developer at Softway, I’ve gained valuable insights during my first two months, which I’d like to share.

Firstly, learning is a process. Starting small is the key to getting comfortable with the codebase and development processes. By taking on smaller tasks, you can gradually build your knowledge and confidence and tackle more complex projects over time.

Secondly, knowing the variety of PHP libraries and frameworks for software web development is crucial for any developer. These libraries and frameworks can help you write code faster, more efficiently, and with fewer bugs, as they provide pre-built solutions to common problems. Following these practices allows developers to write more manageable code and modify it over time.

Thirdly, the technology stack used by the company can be challenging to understand, so it’s crucial to read documentation, look at existing code and seek guidance from more experienced colleagues. Doing this ensures that you’re working in the most efficient and effective way possible.

Finally, understanding the company’s coding standards and best practices, such as naming conventions, coding style, and code organization, must improve the developer’s code quality. By adhering to these standards, you can ensure that your code is readable, maintainable, and consistent with the rest of the codebase.

I’ve also deepened my knowledge about securing websites. Ensuring the security of websites is crucial to maintaining users’ trust and protecting sensitive data. As developers, it’s vital to be aware of common vulnerabilities and best practices for securing websites. This includes properly validating and sanitizing user input and implementing strong access controls and authentication mechanisms. By taking a proactive approach to security, we can help protect websites and ensure the safety and security of user data.

Working with legacy code can be intimidating, but it’s an essential skill to have. To make it easier, you need to approach it with an open mind, use resources such as colleagues and documentation, take a methodical approach to understand the codebase, and test changes to avoid introducing new bugs. By taking these steps, I became more comfortable working with legacy code.

Overall, my first two months at Softway have been challenging but rewarding. I’m excited to continue learning and growing in this role, and I feel grateful to be part of a supportive team that is invested in my success.

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