Impact of COVID-19 in web design trends

Design will always be connected to world events and there is no doubt that the economic, emotional and political impact of COVID-19 has shaken most of the people around us.

Inês Victorino
Oct 19 2020 • 2 min reading
Impact of COVID-19 in web design trends

The year 2020 is much more than just the start of a new decade in a completely new world and a lot of time spent online. Every day we spend time with our family online, afraid to pass the virus to the elderly. During states of emergency we use the internet as the main means of communication and increasingly for all sorts of purchases.

But what impact does it have on your website? How can we ensure that our sites are aligned with expectations, concerns and new preferences to stay connected to your customers?

What is the next step? What is Web design after COVID-19

COVID-19 is not over yet, in fact every day we are reminded of that, but there is more and more concern to create depth, empathy and perception about the types of web experiences to respond to everyone around us.

It is no coincidence that last year Pantone of the Year was “Living Coral” (source “a vibrant and warm color that envelops us with warmth and nutrition to provide comfort and buoyancy in our constantly changing environment”- this year we have the “Classic Blue”. A huge change from one year to the next - this year 2020 the pantone “Classic Blue” reminds us of “calm, confidence and connection, this long lasting blue hue highlights our desire for a reliable and stable foundation on which to build as we cross the threshold for a new era.” This change recalls that the design is human to human and this classic color leaves us yearning for better days, for calmer weeks and a 2021 year with less worries.

According to history, global economic crises and disasters present an opportunity for reinvention - even in websites. For the post-pandemic era, I propose that the design evolve to brighter colors, increasingly bold styles and classic simplicity to convey confidence. For you reader, what I suggest is to try a new color palette, bolder fonts, more brilliant images and full of humans - we remain what matters most, because we are not just numbers or data influencers.

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