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How will the restart be this year?

I came back from vacation! The beach was left behind and with it the permanent buzz of a family home full of children laughing and running, lunch boxes to prepare, dinners where everyone talks at the same time forcing us to turn off because we can't think of anything else.

Maria Cabral de Sousa
Sep 1 • 2 min reading
How will the restart be this year?

September is a month of fresh start where enthusiasm and anxiety mix and the lists of ideas, projects and tasks start to simmer in my head.

I like new beginnings like someone who likes blank sheets on a notebook. I like to set goals organized by themes that turn into great titles on the pages of my new notebook, with task lists and bullets to paint when each task is completed.

I like the nervousness in my belly as if to prove to myself that my head continues working after the August sun.

I like to come back to the projects we left to launch in September, the websites, online stores and systems we have ongoing, to define work schedules and go live calendars.

I like to come back to our clients, meetings and calls, listen to new ideas brought from the holidays, discuss ways and find solutions.

I like to come back to our team that is also returning from a well-deserved vacation, to think about new team building actions and find new ways to be together talk about holidays and have a good laugh after months of working remote.

I like to come back to the ideas projected to launch in 2020 and required forcing to restart everything we still want to do this year. I like to talk to the team and feel the enthusiasm of “new things” mixed with the nervousness of tight deadlines.

This September the enthusiasm is the same, but the anxiety is more difficult to manage with the uncertainties that Covid-19 insists on not letting go … leaving the doubt: How will the restart be this year?

The uncertainty is great, but I believe that the enthusiasm is greater and that together we will be able to do cool things in this challenging year.

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