How does your website work on a mobile phone?

When you say “my website has a mobile version”, what do you mean? It means that it doesn’t have an error when you visit it? Or it means that it is truly optimized for a great mobile browsing experience?

Madalena Moreira Rato
Jul 13 2020 • 2 min reading
How does your website work on a mobile phone?

Mobile has been gaining expression in the number of visits for some years, since smartphones and the internet have become increasingly accessible, but in recent months, because the lives of all of us have changed and so have our habits, visits via mobile have gained unparalleled strength!

That is why it is so important to look and confirm that the impact, the UI / UX: user interface / user experience, the functionalities, ... are properly adapted and optimized for viewing on a mobile phone.

The mobile version should not be just a resizing of the desktop / computer version. It must be worked out in detail (in my opinion: main details), both in design and in the features available during navigation.

Drawing for mobile is not the same as drawing for the computer, in both versions’ visitors have very different browsing habits and addictions.

It is important to ensure that you keep your visitors engaged when they find the website via mobile.

Examples of main details that you cannot overlook in the mobile version of your website:

  • ensure that the graphic identity maintains the same impact compared to the other versions, it must inspire visitors in the same way, pass on your company's DNA with the same efficiency;
  • optimize the size and spacing of the call to action buttons throughout the site, so that they are clickable with your fingers;
  • optimize the size of titles, subtitles, links, ... to be balanced and elegant in relation to the size of the viewing screen;
  • organize the content on the scroll of each page, because in this shorter version in width it is natural that the contents are organized vertically, for example, the photo on the desktop is next to the text, must be above or below the text? ... is it more important than the text? Does it have more impact? ...
  • redefine hovers, animations, ... throughout the website, so that information is not lost in the mobile version and does not compromise user-friendly browsing;
  • optimize the weight and dimension of the images and videos, so that navigation on the mobile is very light and fluid;
  • do not forget the mobile features, such as: clicking on the phone and it connects to the calling app, clicking on the map and it opens the phone's navigation app,…

We cannot ignore the increasing percentage of users who have their first contact with your brand on your website mobile version. Make sure you can transmit and captivate in the same way, in both versions, making the most of what each has to offer!

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