Digital is still a bogeyman

We use and abuse digital, companies feel more than ever that it is time to communicate online with articles on their websites and social networks, with informative newsletters, activating chats and WhatsApp on websites to facilitate communication, creating webinars to share knowledge and more.

Maria Cabral de Sousa
Apr 27 2020 • 3 min reading
Digital is still a bogeyman

We all knew how to use digital as a complement to our life, we just didn't know how to use it as the only way to be! ... and in this new world that entered uninvited, digital is still a bogeyman.

Small and large companies daily experience difficulties in transforming their conventional business model into digital, leaders and teams deal with new technological platforms on a daily basis and work more hours from their homes to keep up with the pace imposed by ideas transformed into solutions that need platforms and demand a breakthrough in technology.

Companies face enormous challenges daily to keep their businesses focused on what is truly their core business in step with an accelerated digitization process.

  • 1st Perception of urgency - companies have to take a serious look at the urgency of digital transformation. If, until now, the digital positioning of your brand was important, now, more than ever, the web is the only gateway to your business.
  • 2nd Choosing the right partners - keep doing what you know how to do well and choose the right partners to implement your ideas. Don't try to find the solution yourself. The role of web agencies, with creatives, developers and integrators, is to listen to your problem and your ideas, deconstruct them and find the most effective web solution.
  • 3rd Culture of experimentation - on the web, as in life, there are no absolute truths and not only one right path. In digital transformation, experimentation is one of the main points. The enormous ease with which new paths are tried and alternatives tested must be taken advantage of and allows to make faster decisions.
  • 4th Agility for quick change - a website, an online store, is not and should never be considered, a work of art! Digital requires constant change and transformation that must, at every moment, adapt to the demanding market and respond to what users impose. Don't be afraid to test new solutions and don't be afraid to change and improve. Being agile is essential in the online world.
  • 5th Analyzing data and learning from it - everything on the web is easily monitorable. It is essential to look at the numbers, listen to what they tell you and be able to act accordingly, improve and measure the results of the effort made in each online action.

The future has already started and arrived in a hurry. Companies don´t need to pretend to be comfortable with everything that the online process imposes. The best way to deal with the “bogeyman” is to find the right partner that is already his friend, share ideas and leave the technical solutions to those who can help you. 

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